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(Comments from Donna's 2006 interview with Mr. Troesh)




This past week, I have had the privilege and honor to speak with Jim Troesh, who some of you will remember played the character of 'Scotty' in a few episodes of Highway to Heaven. A quadriplegic, Jim lost the use of his arms and legs as the result of an accident during his high school years. However, despite his disability, Jim has faced life straight on and has carved out a successful career for himself both in front of and behind the camera.

  I asked Jim about working with Michael:

“Michael Landon was a joy to work with and great to have as a friend. He was very funny, always quick with a joke, he was kind, generous, and at the same time extremely professional. I was expected to be on the set on time, with my lines memorized, and ready to work long hours. I really respect him for that."








About how he won the role of 'Scotty' on Highway to Heaven:
    "I auditioned for my first episode, I think it was the fourth episode they filmed, and it was actually written for a black quadriplegic guy. There were no black quadriplegic guys and Michael Landon was really happy with my audition so he gave me the job. In fact, my first episode wasn't supposed to be a two-parter, but he liked my work so much he expanded my role and made the episode into a two-parter. At that point, I wrote an episode that continued my character, he bought it, and I was written into two more two-part episodes after that. The episode I wrote was the one where my character of Scotty got married. If you watched that episode, my credit is "Story by James Troesh and Theresa Troesh", my ex-wife."






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